The Solitary Life of Cranes



Spare 27 minutes in your busy noise-filled lives to watch “The Solitary Life of Cranes,” a new DVD from our collection by Eva Weber, which won an award for Best Short Film at the Britdoc Film Festival in 2008.

London crane drivers share their reflections on the lives of the people below from their vantage points above the city. The separation gives them a perspective on humanity which is spiritual and poetic. The silence of the cabs and the beauty of the changing sky makes them god-like observers on the lives below. They see the whole picture and the intimate details . Adults don’t know, (or forget) they are there, but children stare and sometimes wave. The crane drivers talk of concern, fondness and sometimes pity for the tiny people below with their driven lives. Climbing down from the quiet and beauty above and rejoining humanity can bring a feeling of anticlimax. An uplifting film.

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08. March 2010 by jfurnes1
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