Postwar Mass Housing

POSTWAR MASS HOUSING – East + West,  Conference 7-11 Sept 2011

introduction by Miles Glendinning (University of Edinburgh)
paper 1 “The microrayon : the organisation of mass housing ensembles, Bucharest, 1956-1967” by Juliana Maxim (University of San Diego)
paper 2  “Concentrated responses to the issue of prefabricated mass housing ensembles, Bratislava, 1950-1995” by Henrieta Moravcikova (Slovak Academy of Science, Bratislava)
paper 3  “The search for alternatives to prefab dormitory suburbs in Soviet Tallinn” by Mart Kalm (Estonian Academy of Arts, Tallinn)
paper 4  “Mass housing in East and West Germany: Controversial Success and Ambivalent Heritage” by Florian Urban (Glasgow School of Art)
paper 5  “‘Architect designed’: Concepts of Quality and Quantity in English Mass Housing” by Stefan Mathesius (University of East Anglia)
paper 6  “Housing Estates: The French Case (1950s-80s)” by Annie Fourcaut & Daniele Voldman (CNRS Universite Paris 1 Pantheon Sorbonne)
paper 7  “The Sunlit Uplands’ Photographic Project” by Andy Lock (Nottingham Trent University)
paper 8  “Bigness of Another Sort: The Challenge of Mass Housing Inventory Czechoslovakia” by Kimberley Zarecor (Iowa State University)
paper 9  “The Association for Urban Transition: Civil Society and Mass Housing in Post-Socialist Bucharest” by Vera Marin
paper 10  “Topics: Investigation of the Hybrid Field of Practice of Mass Housing between Legislation,  Architecture, Urban Planning, Social Sustainability, Ecology, and Political Activism” by Carmen Popescu








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