The mission of ISC/U+L is to:

  1. Develop and disseminate a vision of the modern heritage in terms not just of individual setpiece monuments but also of collective planned ensembles and landscapes, on a scale extending to that of the city or region.
  2. Develop new techniques of recording and analysis appropriate to this collective heritage, and make them available via innovative database or web-based initiatives.
  3. Establish appropriate recording and conservation criteria for MoMo landscape (as opposed to built) heritage.
  4. Investigate and compare the viability of recording-based and conservation-based strategies for large complexes and sites under threat, and act as a ‘rescue’ watchdog when appropriate.
  5. Carry out in-depth international comparative studies of selected building or landscape types, commencing with postwar mass housing.
  6. Assist in the establishment of new DOCOMOMO working parties in places of special relevance to MoMo urban and landscape heritage.