International Specialist Committee on Technology (ISC/T)

The mission of the ISC/Technology is to promote documentation and conservation through studies of, and research into, technology, and into the material qualities of modern architecture. The committee organizes seminars; it also supports and participates in workshops related to the technology of modern buildings.

The work of ISC/T is grounded in the belief that technology is an inalienable source of inspiration and knowledge for the art of architecture, and that it must remain comprehensible both for practitioners and for theoreticians: hands-on experience is a vital source of inspiration for the theoretic work of scholars. The ISC/Technology considers it to be a central mission to uphold and emphasize the experience and centrality of technology within modernism.

The ISC/T held its 10th seminar in October 2009: dedicated to concrete technology, it took place in Wroclaw, Poland. In the past, the ISC/Technology has organized nine seminars:

  • Curtain Wall Refurbishment: A Challenge to Manage (1996)
  • The Fair Face of Concrete, Conservation and Repair of Exposed Concrete (1997)
  • Reframing the Moderns, Substitute Windows and Glass (1998)
  • Wood and Modern Movement (1999)
  • Modern Color Technology, Ideals and Conservation (2000)
  • Stone in Modern Buildings (2001)
  • Light in Modern Architecture (2003, Vyborg, Russia)
  • Restoring Postwar Heritage (2004, New York, USA)
  • Building Climates (2005, Löbau, Germany)
  • Read the table of contents of the Preservation Technology Dossiers.

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