Diversity Network Fashion Forum 2018 at the National Museum of Scotland.

It’s been an exciting few months for The Diversity Network. We recently announced our successful funding bid with The Royal Society of Edinburgh towards an ongoing project which will culminate in a week long Fashion Forum in 2018. Following our preliminary workshop, we subsequently held another 2 workshops to discuss our initiatives and ideas on how the Forum will take form. These workshops brought together an esteemed and varied panel of industry, charity and education representatives. Each workshop has placed student voices’ at its core. Students have presented poignant demonstrations of how they have developed their design work in response to diversity and inclusion, underlining the importance of our initiatives.

Thanks to these workshops, we have gathered much valuable feedback for which we are extremely grateful. The Forum will be made up of a series of pioneering creative workshops, panel discussions, and exhibits. These will showcase cross-collaboration between students, industry, and both specific and non-specific public audiences. The Forum will explore new methods of communication for Fashion and Diversity, with a focus on positive impact.

We are delighted to announce that The National Museum of Scotland will be hosting the Forum within the Museum. With such an amazing setting, we are off to a good start!

We would like to thank the following attendees for their input during these workshops:

  • Alyson Walsh, Fashion Journalist and Author.
  • Rebekah Roy, Stylist & Creative Director, Disorder Magazine.
  • Emmanuel De Lange, Industrial Organiser, Equity.
  • Lynne McCrossan, Fashion Writer and Designer.
  • Eunice Olumide, Fashion Model and Presenter.
  • Ion Crawford, Fashion/Interior Designer.
  • Robert Newman, emerging Fashion Designer.
  • Kevin Stewart, Press and Marketing Manager, Harvey Nichols Edinburgh.
  • Emily Ford-Halliday, Fashion Lecturer, Edinburgh College of Art.
  • Joan Smith, Painter and Print-maker, Edinburgh College of Art School of Art.
  • Dr Felicity Mehendale, Consultant Cleft and Plastic Surgeon & Honorary Senior Lecturer, University of Edinburgh.
  • Nikki Kilburn, Learning & Development Facilitator, Penumbra Charity.
  • Mo Colvin, Youth Engagement Officer, RNIB Scotland.
  • Paul Cummings, Childline Supervisor, Childline Scotland. Rob Murray, Scotland Manager of Changing Faces Charity. 
  • Rob Murray, Scotland Manager of Changing Faces Charity. 
  • Dr Billy Lee, Lecturer in Emotional Communication and Identity, University of Edinburgh.
  • Lee McCulley, Adult Learning Officer, National Museum of Scotland.
  • Geogina Ripley, Fashion & Textiles Curator, National Museum of Scotland.
  • Lisa Mason, Assistant Curator, National Museum of Scotland.
  • Emily Taylor, Assistant Curator, National Museum of Scotland.
  • Rhys McKenna, BA Graduate and MA student, Edinburgh College of Art.
  • Alanna Hilton, year 3 Fashion student, Edinburgh College of Art.
  • Alanna Hilton, Year 3 Fashion student, Edinburgh College of Art.
  • Pauline Noel, Year 3 Fashion student, Edinburgh College of Art.
  • Katherine Flemming, Year 2 Fashion student, Heriot Watt University – with thanks to Demi Yuille for modelling Katherine’s design.


Alyson Walsh, Fashion Journalist and Author discusses her views on Diversity in relation to ageism. Workshop 2.

Anna Pierce and Pauline Noel, year 3 ECA Fashion students, presenting their design projects in response to visual impairement.

Linda Shearer presents outcomes of discussions. Linda is member of the Diversity Network steering panel and Senior Lecturer at Glasgow Caledonian University.
Background illustration taken from ‘Style Forever’ by Alyson Walsh.

Our thanks to the National Museum of Scotland for their insightful tour of the new Fashion Gallery as part of our third workshop.

Special thanks to Georgina Ripley, Fashion Curator, for sharing her knowledge of the curated garments spanning the last 150 years.

Year 2 student at Heriot Watt University, Katherine Fleming discusses her functional design work created for wheelchair users.

Thank you to Debra Bourne for her insightful presentation on Fashion & Diversity. Debra is Founder of All Walks Beyond the Catwalk, and a member of the Diversity Network steering panel.