Royal Society of Edinburgh Supports the Diversity Network

We are excited to share that The Diversity Network has¬†recently been awarded the Royal Society of Edinburgh Network Funding to undertake a two-year project working towards a series of events. These events will culminate in a pioneering ‘Diversity Network Fashion Forum’ in 2018.

Our aim is to unite expertise from the wealth of Scottish higher education institutions, fashion industries, government, and charity sectors to consider and demonstrate the positive ways fashion can be used to enhance public self esteem. We will hold a series of workshops over the next 12 months to explore how best we can collaborate together for a week of public events for the Fashion Forum 2018.

We kicked off this series of events with our first inaugural Workshop in May of this year. The workshop united key academic members,¬†as well as government and charity figures. We couldn’t have asked for a more engaging and encouraging start to our project! The following attendees’ contribution resulted in a thoroughly inspiring day which centered around thought provoking discussion and brainstorming;

  • Mary Hanlon – Phd Student and founder of Social Alteration; School of Social & Political Sciences, Edinburgh University
  • Nikki Kilburn – Learning & Development Facilitator, Penumbra
  • Emily Newman – Lecturer – Research in disordered eating styles and behaviors, Edinburgh University
  • Emily Ford-Halliday – Fashion Lecturer at Edinburgh College of Art
  • Dr Alison Bancroft – Fashion & Culture Analyst
  • Dennis Robertson – former MSP
  • Frances Johnstone – Parliamentary Assistant
  • Clare Hill – Process Oriented Psychotherapist and Facilitator
  • Ariana Zane – Saheliya

Special thanks to the following members who we are delighted to announce will form the Diversity Network Steering Panel;

  • Debra Bourne- Founder and Director, All Walks Beyond the Catwalk
  • Linda Shearer – Senior Lecturer, Glasgow Caledonian University
  • Karen Cross – Course Leader, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen
  • Marlies Kustatscher – Co-Director of the Center for Education for Racial Equality in Scotland, Edinburgh University
  • Dr Sue Thomas – Director of Studies Msc Ethics in Fashion, Heriot Watt University

And not forgetting our Fashion students; Rhys McKenna, Alice Firman, Jan Lucocq, and Alanna Hilton, who’s presentations on their personal practice of ’emotionally considerate design’ were both moving and inspiring.

workshop 1

workshop 2

workshop 3

workshop 4

workshop 5