SHOW 2015: Celebrating Diversity on the Catwalk

All photography courtesy of Gareth Easton

All photography courtesy of Gareth Easton


For this project, students cast a group of inspiring and diverse fashion muses to wear their garments for the show. These models were chosen to represent strength, individuality and unique beauty – students strongly considered the emotional connection between clothing and the wearer, ultimately celebrating the spectrum of diversity of the fashion consumer.












Dr Martens competition winner: Brand Identity and Diversity

Edinburgh Store Manager Jenni Birrell, alongside Alex Irons-Young and his winning outfit. With Fashion Tutor Coline Henault.

Edinburgh Store Manager Jenni Birrell, alongside Alex Irons-Young and his winning outfit. With Fashion Tutor Coline Henault.

Three students from Year 2 Fashion have been selected to have their work on display at the Dr. Martens store on Princes Street for two weeks in May. Alex Irons-Young was named the winner of a creative brief set by the British footwear brand, alongside runners up Juliane Rumpf and Rachael Weir. All of their designs will be showcased in the Dr. Martens store until Sunday 31 May.

Last year, Dr. Martens tasked second year Fashion students to design an outfit that reflects the brand’s current #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign, while taking inspiration from the musical and cultural history of Scotland’s festival capital. Sketches and mood boards were presented to the Dr. Martens team for judging earlier this year and once Alex was chosen as the winner, he set to work translating his design into a wearable garment.

Dr. Martens UK Marketing Manager Daniel Freeland said: “We were really impressed by the quality and depth of detail that all of the students put into the live project. However, we felt Alex had really considered #STANDFORSOMETHING on a local level.

Edinburgh College of Art’s Coline Henault said: “The students have really enjoyed getting the chance to put their own stamp onto a brand that they are familiar with and could be a bit more rebellious in their design decisions. Our ‘Diversity Network’ requires students to consider their customer, taking into account age, shape, race and character, and the project really allowed them to peel back the layers of their muse in the same way as Dr. Martens #STANDFORSOMETHING.”

The Dr. Martens #STANDFORSOMETHING campaign features authentic characters of different ages, backgrounds, occupations and personalities. They all have one thing in common – they wear Dr. Martens boots and shoes with pride and passion.

Debating Diversity


Year 2 Fashion students engaging in debates questioning the lack of diversity in today’s media.


As part of their Year 2 Design Collaboration project ‘Constructs of Identity’,  Fashion and Interior Design students undertook a number of ‘Diversity Debates’.

Students were asked to develop a body of research exploring the lack of diversity within fashion design. Through these debating sessions students worked in their teams to debate contemporary issues relating to diversity, defending and supporting conflicting views on diversity in the fashion industry. Questions were raised on the emotional impact that Fashion media has on its consumers.

The project brief tasked students with building an awareness of an emotionally considerate response to design practice and design communication.