Arts and Humanities Research Council
AHRC Digital Transformations in Arts and Humanities theme

Projects of case studies’ participants
Art is Open Source
The Electronic Man
Versus – The Real Time of Cities
Ubiquitous Pompei (the future of the city, created by high school students)
Read/Write Reality (an intensive workshop on ubiquitous publishing)

UpStage weblog
Make-Shift (a networked performance about connectivity and consequences)
Blind Ditch
Creative Catalyst

FLOSS Manuals
FLOSS Manuals Foundation

Sauti ya Wakulima (The Voice of the Farmers)
Small-scale Agriculture and Mobile Technologies

Network members links
Michel Bauwens and Franco Iacomella
P2P Foundation
mbauwens – Twitter
Franco Iacomella
The Foundation of Peer to Peer Alternatives

Bill Bell and Jonathan Wild
The Centre for the History of the Book

Mario Biagioli
UC Davis School of Law – Personal Profile

Ronan Deazley
School of Law, University of Glasgow – Personal Profile

David Garcia
Tactical Media Files

James Leach

Chris Meade
The Institute for the Future of the Book
Chris Meade Overleaf
Bookfutures blog

Other links
Simon Biggs – personal website
Embroidered Digital Commons
Institute of Network Cultures
The Telekommunist Manifesto
Dmytri Kleiner
Creative Commons
Creative Commons (UK)
The Currency of the Commons (Dmytri Kleiner on Vimeo)
R15N (Official Miscommunication Platform of Transmediale 2012)
OOR HERA Project: Of Authorship and Originality
Lifehacker – Open Source Gift Guide