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Each of the interviewees had played some role in producing the relevant computer programs, mobile applications, web-based platforms or text based instructions which functioned as valuable resources in their communities. However, each interviewee saw difficulties with the notion of authorship for describing such role, albeit for slightly different reasons (e.g. due to nature of their projects in question) and chose to describe themselves variously – organiser, instigator, broker and benevolent dictator. Their struggle with the term author and the notion of authorship is captured in the clips below.

Oriana and Salvatore (AOS) explained that they organise possibilities or spaces, which can lead to creation of content but this is not their focus and also emphasised how they tried to disappear from their projects.

Eugenio similarly explained his intention to step back from his project and would prefer to describe himself an instigator.

Helen used the make-shift cyberformance as an example to explain that she and Vicki call themlselves brokers.

Adam explained that the only way to step away from the notion of the author is more collaboration.