Workshop Day 2

On 3rd July, we organised the second part of the workshop with our case studies’ participants, network members and other invited participants. It was well attended (we were a group of 19 with 2 additional attendees joining in the afternoon via Skype) and several different disciplinary backgrounds as well as co-creative practices were represented.

We discussed both the nature and scope of the current project, some of the themes and findings that were emerging from the scoping study as well investigated possibilities for  future development and collaboration on the topic of ‘digital manual.’ Several activities during the day aided this discussion and also led to some interesting visual representations.

We identified the essential characteristics of the ‘digital manual’ and its relationship with the characteristics of a ‘book.’

We also identified issues that arise from the creation, publication, dissemination and use of digital manuals.

 Meat grinder or Panopticon?

Our final activity of the day was to design collaborative projects which would address the issues raised by digital manuals.


Analogy with a pizza!

Thanks to all our attendees for a day full of stimulating discussions!

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