Workshop 3


We presented our experiments in this workshop in between some very challenging drawing exercises concocted by Simon to show us point of view and focalization. We thought about:

  • Point of View and how it places the viewer in space-time. The viewer’s eye/the embodied eye is being moved around a scene. How could this idea be used in a research framework? Moving a viewer/reader around an object or a person?
  • Focalization – who is looking at who? Why? When?
  • In a comic strip you need to have identifiable figures from panel to panel so the reader know it’s the same figure/object.
  • You can see something from one angle then another – recognizing that it’s you (the viewer) who is doing the moving.
  • Where you position the reader is part of the mechanics of storytelling; how far/near to the subjects do you want the reader to be?