Experiment 4: Colour

In this final comic, I wanted to experiment with two things: first, I wanted to depict that the busker was playing an instrument and creating sound. Second, I wanted to use colour as a way of foregrounding the interaction between the busker and a particular passer-by.

In the interaction depicted in the comic strip below, it is significant that the busker is playing and at a certain point what he is playing. The passer-by, who initially appears to look at the busker as he walks toward the busking pitch, doesn’t pay any particular attention to the busker until the busker plays an intricate sequence of notes before sliding his hand down the neck of the bass guitar. The intricate sequence of notes piques the passer-by’s interest (he looks at the busker while continuing to walk), and then he stops to watch immediately after busker’s sliding action. The passer-by then watches the busker for a while before giving a donation and departing.

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You can see that I have depicted the busker and the passer-by in colour and the rest of the setting in black and white. I have also placed some musical notes around the bass guitar.  The idea is that the reader’s eye is drawn to two particular characters in the setting, one of which is playing an instrument and producing music. In the sixth panel, you will see that I have attempted to show the movement of the busker sliding his hand along the neck of the bass guitar. I did this by layering several still frames.

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