Experiment 2: Incorporating analysis

 Staying with this particular circle show interaction, I decided to play around with the idea of building some analysis into the comic strip. Thus, as well as getting a sense of what is going on interactionally between the performer and the audience, the reader should also be able to read what is analytically significant about the interaction. The following comic strips are, therefore, an attempt to incorporate the analysis into the comic strip by adding ‘caption’ boxes. You will see that I have focused on lines 1-11 in the transcript from experiment 1. Note also that I have also experimented with the panels.



With regard to the panels, notice that I have included the audience in the first and fifth panels. This happens when the audience produces the two lots of applause. Notice also that I have tried to represent ‘sporadic applause’ by using only a few of the ‘clap!’ symbols, and positioning them far apart from one another. I have also tried to show the overlap of the performer’s talk (‘this is the’) with the occurrence of sporadic applause in the second panel. In the third and fourth panels, I have preserved the temporal organisation of the performer’s talk and action of pushing of the tennis racket to his feet.

With regard to the caption boxes, I think that they do add a useful layer of analysis for making sense of the interactional work. For example, the second caption panel asserts that the applause is in response to the recognisability of the performer’s talk as close implicative. In the third panel, the text asserts how the performer orients to the sporadic applause (i.e., as problematic), and proposes that his talk is produced as quiet to mark its status as ‘unofficial’. However, I did find that the panels constrained how much text I could place in the caption boxed, which then constrained how much analysis I could include.  I was also aware of the risk of duplicating what was depicted in the panels. That is, of ‘telling’ what the comic strip was already ‘showing’.

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