Putting the researcher back in the frame

See my ppt presentation on this and what I was trying to do. I went through a whole interview transcript (a different one this time) and highlighted bits I wanted to capture in the narrative. I then numbered them as if they were comic grids and wrote down a description of the image I wanted.






I felt a bit demoralized after this. I had tried to sketch in pictures in pencil – I knew what I wanted to see in each box; I just couldn’t draw it very well (see photo). I also realized how long (in terms of both time and space) a comic takes to tell a story. I had been a little over am
bitious in terms of what I wanted to do. Again, I wasn’t sure if the drama I was trying to convey worked on anybody other than me. This was also the point when I decided that Comic Life probably wasn’t the thing for me. I still think comics and ethnography go together well – both focus on the ordinary, the day-to-day; they pay attention to detail and they traverse time and space. It has to work somehow and I need to keep experimenting.

SS Comic Sketches

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