‘Gerrit Dou’

Secondly, I tried to sum up one painting and its meanings and affects on my group of writers. The painting, Interior with a Young Violinist by Gerrit Dou was the sole focus of an entire chapter in a book I was writing. When I interviewed people in the group they had highlighted different aspects or details in the painting that had been important to them. I also tried to include ‘academic’ footnotes/quotations – in this example there is a clumsy attempt to put two theories of art and its affects into the frame. I’ve also used some quotations from interviews (white), and some quotations from the pieces of fiction produced in response to the painting (blue) in speech bubbles at the bottom. It was a fun exercise but I’m not sure it means anything to anyone other than me. I also failed to think about either pacing or spacing very carefully in either of these two experiments.

Gerrit Dou

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