‘Victoria’s Lines’

Rachel, one of the ECA students had come up with an image of an interview that showed two faces and lots of speech bubbles going to and fro between them. The image seemed to me to capture so many things that I would cut out of an edited interview transcript in order to put it into an article. I decided to focus on an interview and began to think about how I could put it into a comic strip. I used comic life and immediately encountered a problem – I didn’t have many images other than a few photos I had taken of an exhibition. What was going to go into all those boxes? How was I going to represent the interview itself? I resorted to drawing some stick figures using my iPad, interspersing it with photos and images I found on the internet. I felt frustrated that I couldn’t draw the images myself. This seemed to be such an important part of a comic book: the fact that you could represent what was imagined, or past. I did this to some extent with photographs and stock images but it was quite constraining. I was also shocked at how long it all took me to do and left it incomplete.





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