Who listens on the hill? Happy-go-lucky sunshine
just waiting for nothing, standing on the edge
of raw rock in the middle of it all. It lifts mist
to show a city emerging like stones when the tide
turns and the water slowly recedes, a city
telling its fascinating story of the tackiest wacky
cocoon: streets packed with cashmere shops
but no supermarket; the dreams of youth like
floral embellishments. Inside, scholars who
regularly stay up until 2.30 am ponder walking
the Mile in someone else’s shoes: what kind
of reaction? What would it feel like to climb
the Crags in someone else’s body? A city
of light below, on fire, until the vision passes.

Olivia, Haruka, Katie, Somruthai, Chiho, Autumn, Yu-Tien, Yana, Leilei, Daisy, Kathi, Jane.

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