La Plage

Filmpoem 4/ La Plage from Alastair Cook on Vimeo.

This is where freckled children flock to –

ice-cream white limbs, whey-eyed,

nothing will stop them bathing,

splashing, wind snatching

their raucous crow laughter and carrying it to Joppa.

The weakest ray of the sun is god,

the wilderness sand

a whole desert to cross

before sampling the Forth’s chill riches.

They will bring grapes here, pale wine

and kerchiefs of checked cloth to dine on.

They will cuddle, lark about and rubbish

quieter worship. They will relish

every last cold atom as if it were a wrecker’s fire.”

The film La Plage is ©Alastair Cook 2010
The poem La Plage is ©Jane McKie 2009

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