Reality Check

Group Profile

Reality Check is a multi-disciplinary research group based at the University of Edinburgh, which investigates aspects of perception, interpretation and dissemination of notions of ‘Reality’, by experimenting with a range of ideas and dynamic approaches to image, body, space and time. Reality Check uses a studio-based research methodology, which is informed by a variety of disciplinary perspectives, including elements of sculpture, still and moving image, psychology and movement/choreography. The group is interested in the use of varied physical sites and explores both the theory and materiality of digital technologies, in relation to multi-screen projection and live streaming practices.

The group recently run a week-long workshop which focused on real and imagined spaces and human interactions taking place therein. Workshop leaders were: Ed Baggs (psychology), Sophia Lycouris (movement), Susanne Ramsenthaler (photography), Ewan Robertson (sculpture), and Mike Windle (video and digital technologies)

Materials provided by Reality Check

Studio-based research on perception, supported by digital technologies