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Moments of peace

A guide to show that people can escape the suffocating busyness of a city while still in the city. This guide for country people who are used to solitude that have moved to Edinburgh.

Phenomenology of Landscape


Places, like persons, have biographies inasmuch as they are formed, used and transformed in relation to practice. Daily passages through the landscape become biographic encounters for individuals, recalling past activities and previous events. Movement through space constructs ‘spatial stories’; forms of narrative understanding.

It can be argued that stories acquire part of their mythic value and historical relevance if they are rooted in the concrete details of the landscape, acquiring material reference points that can be visited, seen and touched. When a story becomes sedimented into the landscape, the story and the place dialectically help to construct and reproduce each other.

If places are read and experienced in relation to others and through movement along paths it follows that the art of understanding of place, movement and landscape must fundamentally be a narrative understanding involving a presencing of previous experiences in present contexts. Spacial and textual stories are embedded in one another.  Human activities become inscribed within a landscape. Space does not and cannot exist apart from the events and activities within which it is implicated.


Facade – 125 Fountainbridge


By Kim Cowie

Stephanie: Alternative Guide




Home Sweet Home – A critical look at Nicolson Street from two floors up


Home Sweet Home: A critical look at Nicolson Street from two floors up

By Andrew Bell

Accessible Edinburgh

Accessible Edinburgh Guide by Hannah Foley

The Tomb of Jacobina Carter


By Marthe S Knutsen

United on The Union


A guide for those with Transient Neighbours.

I have created a wallchart that gives information to those with residential moorings on The Grand Union Canal about fellow water dwellers. Users of the canal can upload information about themselves to a (hypothetical) website. This information is then used to issue more wallcharts and posters; Guardian supplement stylee. The idea was to aid a sense of community with a visual guide for people who’s neighbours are constantly moving on. A way in which they can spot other narrow boaters, and a conversation starter.


Jodie Pankhurst

how to avoid buying useless cheap shit at ikea

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