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At Waverley


What is it that usually comes to mind when we think of a railway station? Ever since childhood we tend to associate it with something exciting, with new adventures, the discoveries of new destinations…We excitedly hold our breath at the sound of wheels and the departure announcements, in anticipation of a new long journey to the unknown, leaving the routine of our everyday life behind.
Coming to a railway station without any particular purpose, like it was in our case, allows you to see its life from a rather different perspective. Like a true flaneur, the hero of Walter Benjamin’s stories, you wander around watching trains arrive and depart, you see people quickly checking the timatable, rushing to catch the train, counting minutes towards the departure, haste, lugagge, ticket controll, doors…Another train leaves and the station becomes empty again, cleaners appear to sweep out the rubbish, ticket controllers return into the main building. Then the whole cycle repeats again and again, until the day is over. Everything around is subject to time, the relentlessly ticking clock on the entrance wall that determines everything.

by Yana Kazachuk


little monster


Dive dream


Leilei Huang & Yu-Tien Hsu

Aspects of others

Walking around old town, occasionally we found small paths and stairs inviting us to “Grassmarket”. Grassmarket, nothing in Edinburgh inspire us more than you to exploring up and down. Today we saw a Castle on a rocky hill, came across people working in windy outside, and learned stories in front of Maggie Dickson’s. For ages you’ve seen people coming like us, haven’t you? Aspects of others’ life are visible side by side. You consist of a lot of personal memories, or a history of Edinburgh…




Katie Forrester & Daisy Chang

Grass, Near Melville Drive

Not a lawn exactly,
cross between rough and fairway,
a nothing patch

but it is pleasant to sit there,
separate from passing traffic,
in the sun. From a car

it is a blur, from a tenement
it is even less: invisible.
Only the skyline matters.



Jane McKie & Harvey Dingwall

Foxes on Grassmarket

Views of Edinburgh

Six views of Edinburgh.

Robot Invasion

BY Oliver Ninnis.

Nicolson Square Gardens By Maisie Shearring



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