Student Prize

Art in Translation offers a fresh perspective on global art writing and practice, covering all areas of the visual arts.  To expand our advisory network, to locate texts that lie outside the Western canon, and to engage young scholars in its project, Art in Translation offers a prize of £250 for the best recommendation of a text worthy of translation and publication.

The competition is currently closed.

The competition is open to registered University students of art history or related disciplines, either undergraduate or postgraduate.

The recommended text must already have been published in a language other than English, and meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • Groundbreaking within the field and in the broader field of visual studies
  • Accurately reflects current concerns and issues in the subject area
  • Highly representative of the source culture and methodology
  • Valuable introductory text, opening an initial path into areas of research and scholarship unfamiliar to the target readership
  • A classic text within the source language, not necessarily focused on the source culture
  • A classic text within the source language, focused on the source culture
  • A text that makes a significant contribution to the global practice and understanding of art history and visual culture.

Results of past competitions:


1st prize : £250 Christos Asomatos (University of Glasgow)
Panagiotis Kondylis, “Η Αντικατάσταση του Αστικού Συνθετικού-Εναρμονιστικού Σχήματος Σκέψης από το Αναλυτικό-Συνδυαστικό Σχήμα στον Τομέα της Πνευματικής Παραγωγής. 1.)ΛογοτεχνίακαιΤέχνη. Α.)Γενικά.” [The Supersession of the Bourgeois Synthetic-Harmonising Thought-form by the Analytic-Combinatory Thought-form in the Field of Cultural Production.1.) Art and Literature A.) General Remarks], published in Η Παρακμή του Αστικού Πολιτισμού: Από τη Μοντέρνα στη Μεταμοντέρνα Εποχή και από τον Φιλελευθερισμό στη Μαζική Δημοκρατία. [ The Decline of Bourgeois Thought- and Life- Forms. The Liberal Modern and the Mass-Democratic Post-modern.”], Greece, 1999 (German edition, 1991).

Results of the 2012 student competition:

1st prize: £250
Vassil Yordanov (University of East Anglia) for Geo Milev, “Небето” (The Sky), Везни(Scales), Issue I, volume 10 (1914)

2nd prize, £100:
Clara Masnatta (Harvard) for Herbert Moldering, ““Fotogeschichte aus dem Geist des Konstruktivismus.  Gedanken zu Walter Benjamin: Kleine Geschichte der
Photographie”.  In Herbert Molderings, Die Moderne der Fotografie.
Hamburg: Philo Fine Arts, 2008.

Results of the 2011 student competition:

1st prize, £250:
Leilani Alontaga (Aberdeen) for Daniela Hammer-Tugendtat, “Kunst, Sexualität und Geschlechterkonstruktionen in der Abendländischen Kultur” (Art, Sexuality and the Constructions of Gender in Western Culture”), MuSIEum: Displaying Gender, 2000

2nd prize, £100:
Joshua Cohen (New York City) for Jean Laude, “Introduction”, La Peinture Française (1905-1914) et l’art nègre’, 1968