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Art in Translation (AIT) publishes the best writing from around the world on the visual arts, architecture, and design in English translation. The journal was launched on 26 February 2009 with generous funding from the Getty Foundation, Los Angeles. Initially published three times a year, Art in Translation increased its frequency to four times a year, starting with volume 3.1 in 2011.
Art in Translation is published by Taylor and Francis, Routledge.

It was a great pleasure to work with Iain Boyd Whyte and the Art in Translation team as guest editor of the triple special issue on Ottoman Architecture. At each stage of the project, from the first approach with the initial concept to the online launch, the members of the AIT team were wonderfully supportive of our work. Their professionalism and willingness to adapt the journal format to the needs of the project were exceptional and, so too, their dedication to high quality translation. It is their commitment to scholarly excellence and to translating diverse source materials that has made the journal such an important ongoing resource for our discipline.”
Mary Roberts, Professor of Art History and Nineteenth-Century Studies, University of Sydney

As John Dryden observed in the preface to his translation of Ovid’s Epistles, ‘there are so few who have all the talents which are requisite for translation, and there is so little praise and so small encouragement for so considerable a part of learning.’ Sadly, the situation for translators has hardly improved since 1680 which is what makes the achievement of Art in Translation all the more remarkable. Under Iain Boyd Whyte’s editorship, the journal offers translators respect, deep understanding of the intellectual and creative process involved in translation, and appreciation of its contribution to scholarship. For me personally, it has been a joy to work with editors who not only read with meticulous care and critical acuity but are generous in their appreciation of an elegant solution and diplomatic in querying any infelicities.”
Gay McAuley, Associate Professor in French and Performance Studies (rtd), University of Sydney, Australia

“Art in Translation is a long awaited and much-needed instrument for
international transmission of knowledge and cross-pollination of ideas
Dario Gamboni, University of Geneva, Switzerland

A venture like this will contribute to the vital task of making the knowledges of non-English art history available for comparative study, with the ultimate goal of enriching both global art history and the discourses of other localised art scenes
Rueben Fowkes, Manchester Institute for Research and Innovation in Art and Design, Manchester Metropolitan University, UK



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