Symposium 2013

‘Life in 3D’ is a 1-day symposium at the University of Edinburgh that brings together otherwise independent practitioners and academics currently working on 3D from technological and creative perspectives. The experts come from a range of fields including film, animation, sound, cultural heritage, game design, information technology, etc.

In this research initiative, the term ‘3D’ is used in a wider context and may refer to stereo, CGI or analogue. The event provides a unique opportunity to share knowledge and expertise, showcase work in progress and discuss how 3D is used for different purposes in the industry and academia. The 1-day event aims to bridge between current practices and future directions of 3D.

‘Life in 3D’ is an interdisciplinary initiative funded by Edinburgh College of Art and New Media Scotland, and supported by the School of Informatics.

The symposium will take place on Wednesday 5th June at the School of Informatics.


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