We believe that 3D technologies and creative practices will continue to be relevant and expand for both academia and industry. There is scope for organising an annual 3D related event in which to continue discussing the future of these technologies and how they can be applied to art and science at the University of Edinburgh and beyond.

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‘Life in 3D’ Symposium

Symposium Registration

Keynote: Douglas Pritchard “Digitally Preserving the World’s Architectural Treasures”

Presentation: Ann-Marie Shillito “Creative Digital Anarky: haptic 3D modelling”

Presentation: Mariza Dima “A haptic workspace for puppet stop-motion animation”

Presentation: Halldor Halldorsson “Animation – From the complex to the simple”

Presentation: Thaleia Deniozou “Exploration and Mystery in 3D Game Worlds”

Presentation: Taku Komura “Animating Close Interactions”

Presentation: Jared Taylor “Emulation, Validation & The Ubiquitous Invisible”

Presentation: Martin Parker “Sound is already 3D. What can we hope to gain by using more speakers?”

Keynote: Ludger Pfanz “Space-Time Narratives”

3D Event at Inspace

Anarkik 3D demo station

‘Ripple’ 3D game demo station

3D Printing Exhibits: OLEUS 2 and Loci


After the Symposium we asked participants to comment on the Life in 3D initiative through an online survey. The response rate was of 20%. The charts below show peoples’ overall perception of the two activities.


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