Rocio von Jungenfeld

Rocio is PhD candidate at Edinburgh College of Art, her research focuses on digital portable projections, visual ecologies and public space. Her background is in fine arts, printing installation media, art pedagogy, design and digital media. She tutors design, digital media and interdisciplinary creative practice at the University of Edinburgh. She is a TALENTIA fellow, Junta de AndalucĂ­a, Spain.


Thaleia Deniozou

Thaleia is a digital designer & PhD candidate at Edinburgh College of Art. Her background is on digital media, animation and game design and she is one of the tutors for the MSc in Design and Digital Media programme at the University of Edinburgh. Her current work focuses on game design strategies for mobile platforms while she has an extensive experience working on 3D animation projects and game engines with a special focus on art and learning,


Edinburgh 3D Film Festival co-organisers

Andrew Murchie

Andrew is an award winning writer, director & stereographer, credited with creating a number of first for stereoscopic 3D film and motion graphics in Scotland. Andrew works on a diverse range of digital, video and motion graphics projects in a creative agency, Multiply, as well as stereoscopic projects via his independent 3D production facility Enhanced Dimension.


Malgorzata Bugaj

Malgorzata is a PhD candidate and Film Studies tutor at the University of Edinburgh. She is also a co-founder of KinoKlub, an Edinburgh-based film collective.



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