3D Event at Inspace

Inspace floor-plan


Demo Stations

1. Anarkik 3D Design: haptic sketch modelling software

An opportunity for hands-on demos of haptics using Anarkik3D’s haptic 3D package, designed and developed specifically for designer makers, artists and non CAD users to enable access to digital processes such as 3D printing. Anarkik3D is founded on outcomes of the Tacitus Research Project, a collaboration between eca and UoE (2000 to 2004) investigating haptic technology as a more familiar interface for working in digital 3D.
Ann Marie Shillito is CEO of Anarkik3D Ltd, a designer jeweller who continues to work at the leading edge of contemporary jewellery practice, applying her knowledge, skills and experience to development of 3D modelling software.

2. ‘Ripple’: a 3D game about exploration and mystery

Ripple is a game about finding harmony within oneself via connecting with nature. It is about taking a step back from the hectic chaos of everyday life to pause, reflect, and (literally) smell the roses. Ripple can be described as an ‘indie game’ as well as an ‘artistic interactive experience’. It draws inspiration from various other indie/art games, such as Flower and Dear Esther. The game intends to give the player a thought-provoking experience and as such, room will be left for the mind to wander, and for the player to come to own conclusions about the various messages in the game. Ripple has been designed and developed by the KN Team (under the supervision of Thaleia Deniozou). Members of the team will be present at the event to guide the walk-through and discuss game-play.

KN Team: Jacob Pernell, Danti Wei, Peiyu Chiang, Yutong Xue, Shuzhen Chan, Bowen Wu


Exhibited Projects

1. ‘Loci’: mapping flights in three dimensions 

This project has been developed by Andrew Spitz

Each loci is a unique 3D printed sculpture bespoke to someone’s flights spurring recollection, reflection and conversation about their travels. Through custom software built in Max/MSP, the user is able to select specific flights that matter to them, such as a honey moon, a summer vacation through Europe or all of their flights from a given year. A loci comes with a card highlighting on a map all the airports flown to. The sculpture can be placed on this card to help visualize their travels. More information about the project and the work of Andrew Spitz can be found in soundplusdesign.com .

2. ‘OLEUS 2’: outcomes from a collaborative workshop

OLEUS (Outdoor Laboratory of Experimental Urban Stages) organised a 2-day workshop with designers, students and artists. The aim of the workshop was to investigate the creative possibilities of 3D printing in the context of outdoor spaces and to explore possible ways of engaging people and outdoor environments through the concepts of scale and replication. During the OLEUS 2 workshop a group of creative practitioners and technically skilled people came together to collaborate and rapidly develop three small-scale group projects. The three 3D objects that came out of the collaboration are printed and combined with images taken during the outdoor intervention that took place on the last day of the workshop. The intention of the outdoor intervention was to increase awareness of the relationship between public space, interaction and media.

More about the OLEUS initiative can be found in sites.eca.ed.ac.uk/oleus/oleus2/

3. Mr. Hoover: Stereoscopic 3D Animation

Mr. Hoover is a 3D animation short created within the open source software Blender with “off-axis” 3D cameras. It is the story of a Hoover who tries to get to a golden coin in order to achieve his dreams. The main aim of this project was to explore storytelling in stereoscopic 3D animation, while the way Mr. Hoover was filmed investigated the opportunities and limitations of different camera positions and movements in off-axis 3D. Mr. Hoover has been designed and developed by a team of postgraduate students of Edinburgh College of Art  (under the supervision of Thaleia Deniozou). Some of the members of the team will be present at the event to discuss the animation development.

Mr. Hoover Team: Omer Okcuoglu, Weilun Fu, Jingwen Du, Gavin Grealy, Yang Ding, Yezi Yang, Xinyu Zhang

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